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“Working-Together” Meets Agility

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How cool was that?!  I was comparing notes with Alan Mulally (former CEO of Ford) the other afternoon in my Vistage CEO Group (Honorary Vistage Member:  Alan Mulally) and we met at the intersection of “Working Together” and “Agility”.  Not surprisingly!  “Working-Together” is the philosophy and approach Alan took in turning around Ford – a combination of principles […]

Waterfall-Teamwork vs Agile-Teamwork: Part 2

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In part 1 of this article last month (Part 1) we looked at how the future of agile-teamwork is already here, in the field of agile-software-development.  Yet many leaders, teams and organizations are still stuck in waterfall-teamwork. Waterfall is a term often used in traditional software development methodology and refers to the trickle down, stepwise […]

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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