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Chaos Is Not Your Problem. Your Relationship With It Is.

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By Mike Richardson, Team Agility Practice LeaderWhen working with teams of all descriptions and, in particular, CEOs and their executive leadership teams, I help them explore the secrets of agility, understanding what it is and what it isn’t, to develop agile-teamwork. Teams who are able to:Anticipate ChangeGenerate ConfidenceInitiate ActionLiberate ThinkingEvaluate ResultsIn particular, I help them understand the day […]

Everyday Agile Teamwork

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By Mike Richardson, Team Agility Practice LeaderAgility is an everyday proposition.  Agile teams understand that.  Organizational agility comes from the summation of agile teamwork, enterprise wide and enterprise deep, every day.  There are no days off from the challenge of being AGILE:Anticipating ChangeGenerating ConfidenceInitiating ActionLiberating ThinkingEvaluation ResultsI first discovered the secrets of agile teamwork when […]

Generating Agility: Olympic Levels of Confidence

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By Tom O’Shea, CMC, Principal Every four years, the world stops for several weeks to witness incredible human accomplishment in the highly competitive world of sport and athletics.  We get to learn about real stories involving real people exhibiting great levels of sacrifice, commitment and determination that paved many roads of achievement leading 10,000 athletes to […]

Generating Confidence in 2012!

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by Tom O’Shea, CMC, Principal, Agility Consulting 2011 was a year filled with new and remarkable levels of social and economic drama all around the globe as well as here in the USA.  We have seen vivid examples of a number of countries (ours included) facing shattering levels of economic distress while government leaders  and political […]

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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