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Pivoting to AGILE is a challenging transformation and it is so easy to un-pivot back to traditional approaches, unconsciously. 
Why?  Because agility is a 3D Rubik’s cube of a challenge:

rubix1Is it any wonder that we experience increasing VUCA when the math of our business variables mushrooms so quickly beyond our comprehension?

Yet, from any starting position, by recognizing the patterns and making a few right moves, complexity reduces rapidly and you can rubixconfidently solve the puzzle of VUCA and Agility. Or not and you can stay lost in complexity and be busy fool for a very long time!

glassesAgility has become a 3D challenge and we must be wearing our 3D glasses – don’t get stuck looking at a 3D challenge through a 2D window, lens or mindset – we must be solving the agility puzzle in three dimensions simultaneously.

Making the Right Moves So its about making the right moves in 3 dimensions simultaneously:
  • Effectiveness, Efficiency, Efficacy
  • Leadership-Agility, Team-Agility, Organizational-Agility
  • Focused, Fast, Flexible
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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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