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Tom O'Shea |

Very few people would argue with the idea that reinvention is a key organizational strategy for staying competitive. In fact, this notion of continual reinvention is one of the main components of business success today. Ask leading organizations in the consumer retail industry and they’ll tell you that you’d better be inventing your next big idea, even before you’ve launched your latest on the retail floor. 

The fact is, consumers have an insatiable appetite for new, better and faster products. So how can we become an Agile enterprise and more importantly, how can we survive with this expectation of continuous change and reinvention? The real question is: How will you survive if you do not create the culture and expectation in your organization for this kind of fresh, innovative and liberated thinking?

Fostering a Culture of Innovation 

Liberating thinking is a survival and leadership skill necessary in establishing Agile organizations. It’s about creating the right climate and conditions for new solutions brought on by unconventional perspectives and original approaches. It reexamines standard processes; and empowers, encourages and teaches others to be innovative. Simply put, a culture delineated by liberated thinking is fast, focused and flexible – precisely the elements that will define high performance organizations moving forward.

Customer Focused

Liberating thinking involves developing solutions in a manner that demonstrates an understanding of the customers’ business needs and desire for timely, cost-effective and value-added services. A commitment to employees and strategic partner relationships is the kind of customer focused approach that will differentiate winners from those who lag behind.

The Power of Liberated Thinking

The value of creating an actively engaged workforce isn’t new. Yet many of us still do not bear witness to the widespread adoption of liberated thinking cultures throughout business. Sure, companies will always try new things on occasion; even industry dinosaurs have been known to create something fresh every once in awhile. However engagement and support spans more than products and process, and is a critical component in achieving strategic agility. Having the ability to learn quickly, and leverage a flexible mindset in response to change is an outcome of liberated thinking.

A primary factor in strategic agility is innovation enabled by a supportive culture and leadership climate. When we expect, recognize and reward fresh, innovative thinking, we tend to get more of it. The reality of our times is this idea of constant demand for new solutions as the bar gets raised and new expectations rule. Organizations that create the expectation and permission for all levels of employees to participate in the innovation process through liberating thinking will reap the rewards in the long run.

Tom O'Shea

As Principal at Agility Consulting, Tom brings a unique blend of expertise and support that’s rare in this competitive industry. With invaluable insight, proven strategies and coaching, he helps clients exceed even their own expectations.

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