From Change Projects to Change Agility, Ratcheting the HR Function!

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By Nick Horney, Ph.D.
Principal, Agility Consulting & Training, LLC

How well organizations are prepared to survive in this turbulent business climate has been a fundamental issue and challenge for CEO’s and Chief Human Resource Officers (CHRO) as well.  How well are Human Resource departments (or such functions by any name) and its leaders characterized … as AGILE or as FRAGILE?

Those that are characterized by agility are building capability to anticipate opportunities and threats, are shrewd in rapidly adapting HR processes, are able to accelerate the HR contribution to an organization’s strategy achievement and are developing capable, creative and flexible processes that enable rapid learning and unlearning.  It’s time for CHRO’s and other senior human capital leaders in all its functional disciplines to build greater adaptive capability for each of the functions but also to create greater capacity to battle future challenges by building superior capability to engage, align and deliver in the face of growing complexity and change.  The Human Capital “vucasphere” will continue to be daunting.  VUCAsphere is that unique operating climate that each organization faces in pursuit of its enterprise objectives.  Each operating function within the enterprise faces a variable amount of “VUCA” turbulence by its nature and dynamics.  The human capital arena for many, if not most, organizations is replete in volatility, perplexed by uncertainty, swamped with complexity and clouded by ambiguity at almost every turn.  These are conditions that work against organizational speed and nimbleness and contribute to a negative HR brand image that exists within many organizations.  The counterweight to this condition is an aggressive and forthright effort to bring stronger competencies in strategic alignment and agility.  This article will provide an expanded discussion with some practical suggestions with three highly seasoned and respected practitioners.

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