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By Mike Richardson, Team Agility Practice Leader 20161012_115513-resized
I was speaking to a Vistage Group of CEOs last week in Minneapolis, hosted by Vistage member Larry Berndt, President of Wenck Response, which provides emergency response teams, equipment and resources for train-derailments, chemical-spills and other such crisis-management situations.   This photo above is us in front of one of his purpose-designed, emergency response and command center trailers, always sustained at mission-readiness … ready to go within 1 hour of the first incoming call (that’s his SLA: Service-Level-Agreement), 24/7/365 able to roll up on any situation, ready for anything.  That’s Agility! How fitting then to be speaking on my Agility topic at Larry’s place because that is the business he is in.  In my work shop I reveal key attributes of Agility that we need to change our relationship with:
  • Chaos (the #1 problem in business these days) and how do we move from Dis-Organized Chaos where the fragile-majority live to Organized Chaos where the agile-minority live
  • Triage (the most acute form of time-management, priority-management, resource-management, focus-management and frankly everything-management you can get) and how do we move from Partial-Triage where the fragile-majority live to the Full-Triage where the agile-minority live.
  • Journey-Orientation (understanding what a journey is and how it unfolds at a more granular level) and how do we move from Doing-the-Work-of-Crisis-in-a-Crisis (un-prepared for crisis) where the fragile-majority live to Doing-the-Work-of-Crisis-Without-the-Crisis (ever prepared for crisis) where the agile-minority live.
That’s the business Larry is in.  Organized-Chaos, Full-Triage, Ever-Prepared-For-Crisis.  So it was great being able to bring it all around to him and the business he is in being a real-world, real-time, real-peer example. As Larry introduced himself at the start of the day, he said that he was in the emergency business, having “a team of highly trained responders” which I seized upon as a tee-up for our session.  In an increasingly VUCA world, every business needs a team of highly trained Agile responders!  How well trained are yours?  If you are in the majority, not highly trained at all! I had a blast with Larry and his great group, not least of all because of his great Vistage Chair, Jim Anderl.  If you are a CEO or Executive in the greater Minneapolis/St Paul area, or you know people who are, jump at the chance to get in Jim’s groups.  You won’t regret it.  For instance the Wenck Companies (of which Larry’s business is part) have been Vistage/TEC members since 1993 … 23 years and counting!  That’s not unusual in Vistage (which rebranded itself from TEC in 2006 in its 50th year, founded in 1957) because of the Power of Peer Groups. the-power-of-peers-resized                           Originally posted at : http://www.agilitycode.com/speaking/a-team-of-highly-trained-agile-responders/

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